How to Apply Mineral Make-up

Color Me Natural started with one simple question in mind: Is it possible to develop a product that looks good, feels good, and is good for your skin? After several months of research and development, we decided that mineral makeup had the answer to our question. Mineral makeup:

  • provides sheer coverage, it is lightweight, and flawless

  • lasts longer than ordinary makeup

  • gives the skin a silky look and natural glow

  • caters to all skin types

  • provides richer colors

  • heals the skin

  • and much more

Our custom-blends use a special recipe including kaolin clay and jojoba oil to combat the most pressing concerns with mineral makeup and cosmetics in general. Our foundation, eyeshadow, blush, and bronzers blend perfectly into the skin without caking. Our jojoba oil offers just enough moisturizer to prevent dryness and it lessens the chance of breakouts. Because our makeup blends so well into the skin, it provides a true match to your natural skin tone and provides all-day wear without clogging your pores. The kaolin clay absorbs oil while the jojoba keeps your skin hydrated and doesn’t rob your skin of its natural oils. Your pores can breathe and your skin feels amazing! In addition, we have over 20 eyeshadow colors in several vibrant, highly-pigmented, and matte shades. We’ve developed well over 60 eyeshadows that will soon be available on our website. We have 9 signature custom-blended foundations and more than 40 new shades on their way. Our blush line consists of 5 amazing colors and we carry 4 bronzers. Again, as our company gets up and running, we will be adding more and more choices. All-natural doesn’t have to equal dull and boring.

Finally, we believe there is nothing more important than consumer feedback. We want to hear from our customers. Our website offers you opportunities to share your product ideas, you can post pictures of you wearing our makeup, and we are always open to feedback on any of our products. Please join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Linkedin!

Our mission is simple: Your makeup should be an extension of your skin care. It shouldn’t be the reason you go out and buy acne treatments, blackhead strips, microdermabrasion kits, and zit pads.

Our mineral foundation is created with a base of kaolin clay and jojoba oil. Kaolin clay is commonly used in facial masks at spas. It is best known for cleansing impurities, promoting circulation, not clogging pores, filling fine lines and wrinkles, and helping control oily skin. It is perfect for all skin types. Jojoba oil is actually a wax that mimics the sebum in our skin. It doesn’t clog pores, it isn’t oily or greasy, it helps manage acne breakouts, and helps provide all-day wear. Our mineral foundation provides excellent coverage but feels lightweight on the skin. The kaolin clay will help treat the breakouts.

We’ve added over 50 new foundations. We offer bare foundations, matte foundations, cream to powder foundations, and our signature jojoba oil & kaolin clay foundations. If you find a foundation tone you love and it doesn’t have jojoba or kaolin clay in the ingredients, just send us a message along with your order and we will custom-formulate your purchase.

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