How To Regrow Hair Naturally Home Remedies

How To Regrow Hair Naturally Home Remedies

Does your hair fall? Baldness or hair loss can affect both men and women. However, it occurs more often in men, affecting not only the appearance of those who suffer but also their self-confidence and self-esteem. Male baldness is not always permanent, so you can regrow hair naturally by Telvium™ and by following some tips can reduce hair loss.

Causes Of Hair Loss

When experiencing hair loss it is natural that we become alarmed, we do not know if it will be partial, total, permanent or temporary, so, stress appears, however, it is essential to know the causes or the type of hair loss in order to choose a better treatment

Androgenic hair loss:

It is the most common and, its cause is genetic, that is, it is inherited from the father or mother, so it is a painful condition to treat. Commonly it can start at an early age, around 18 years, the hair weakens and falls out and is replaced by finer and progressively weaker hair.

Hair loss due to nutritional deficiency: Lack of iron (anemia) or other nutrients such as proteins can affect hair growth and cause hair loss. Having a balanced nutrition is important.

Drug baldness: Chemotherapy and other drugs can have hair loss as a side effect, if hair loss is experienced and you are under some medication, you should assess and rule out the cause.

Dermatological diseases: Some diseases such as ringworm, a fungal infection on the scalp can cause partial hair loss, it is a treatable condition.

Stress: Hair loss due to stress is quite common if we have been exposed to too much stress it is possible that it is the root of our baldness problems.

Thyroid Disease: Alterations in thyroid hormone levels may be related to hair loss in patches. However, the hair grows back when treating this condition.


If you know the cause of baldness, it will be important to resort to the appropriate treatment, but in order to avoid falling and increase the chances of successful treatment, it is best to take into account the following recommendations.

Avoid sources of heat: hair dryers can promote hair loss, as well as showers with hot water so it is recommended to avoid drying your hair artificially and cold or warm water during bathing.

Brush your hair with care: Fragile hair can fall easily when we try to stylize, it is very important not to brush the hairs force, or pull the hair. Metal brushes should be avoided and try to use a separate tooth comb.

Keep your hair clean: Although the recommended washing of the hair can vary according to our type of hair loss and scalp, it is advisable to have a good hygiene and avoid the accumulation of sebum, especially if you suffer from oily hair.

Regrow Hair Naturally by Telvium™

Use Natural Hair Regrowth Products: Is it true that if you have dry hair, you use a nutritious shampoo? In the case of hair loss, it is the same. Preventing hair loss is possible. There are products currently on the market that help improve the quality of your washes. This is the case of Alpecin, for example, a German brand that has designed shampoos with caffeine to stimulate hair growth. Thus, it is convenient to use specific products for our needs.

Do not rub it: When you go to wash your hair, avoid being too rough or use too much pressure from your fingers, remember that normally the hair is weakened from the root, so carving our head hard when we can accelerate the fall.

Give a gentle massage: The massages on the scalp can be used to stimulate blood circulation, if your hair is not very weak, try to perform a massage every three days. You can start recharging your thumbs on your cheeks and bring your fingers back, then, give a round massage with the tips of your fingers from your neck, in an upward direction to your head, avoid pressing hard.

Eat foods rich in zinc: These help prevent baldness by decreasing the amount of DHT. Some of these foods are dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds, garlic, wheat germ and chickpeas. You can also take a zinc supplement.

Avoid stressing: It is essential that you do not allow the stress of losing your hair to take over. Although it is difficult to be on the sidelines of the situation, stress is not only a trigger for hair loss; it can also aggravate it, if you are going through it Due to a stressful situation, try to find activities that promote relaxation.

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