Natural Remedies For Hair Loss In Women

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss In Women

Every day we lose about 70 to 100 hairs. However, due to hormonal changes, certain medications, poor diet, etc., many women suffer from hair loss. Losing a lot of hair over a long period of time frustrates and makes self-confidence dwindle – but fortunately there are some ways with which you can naturally cause new hair to grow back all the stronger. 

Why do I have hair loss? 

Excessive hair loss can manifest itself in different ways. A distinction is made between circular and diffuse hair loss, and in women there are also hormonally induced manifestations, which can be caused, for example, by the contraceptive pill or menopause. The causes of hair loss are many, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be addressed. 

How does diet affect the hair? 

If hair seems to fall out faster than it grows back, it may be due to diet. This is because in order to have healthy, strong hair follicles, the scalp relies on the proper supply of vital nutrients.

If the body is over-acidified by too much junk food, sugar, white flour and dairy products, it must compensate for the lack of minerals and vital substances. The necessary substances are then obtained from bones, teeth and hair follicles – so it is logical that there is nothing left for healthy hair roots. 

Hair loss due to hormones

While hair loss in men is often hereditary or due to age, hormone balance plays a major role in women. Especially during menopause, after childbirth or when switching to birth control pills, it is clearly upset. 

Because in all these cases menstruation, the natural purification, does not proceed as usual. Again, the scalp lacks the important substances, because the body has to use them elsewhere and is left on its own with the purification.

What hair care products do?

What looks like a miracle cure for healthy hair in advertising campaigns is often the purest nightmare for hair in reality: shampoos and styling products with silicones, parabens, softeners and fragrances stress the hair from the inside. They smooth the surface, but at the same time seal it permanently. The care thus never really gets into the hair, but only dries it out. 

How to prevent hair loss?

The above aspects do not cover all causes, but they are a good guide when looking for a remedy for hair loss. Indeed, there are some ways to get to the root of the problem. 


Stop using harmful styling products : There are now a variety of organic shampoos that naturally cleanse the hair without weighing it down. Of course, you should not expect magic overnight, because the hair needs some time to regenerate. However, once the first few weeks are over, the hair will be permanently healthier and stronger.

Make the right care yourself: homemade cures with foods such as olive oil, egg, or lemon juice make the hair supple and powerful in a very natural way. And hair elastics without metal and air-drying instead of blow-drying also help significantly to protect the scalp and hair structure. 

Better nourishment for stronger follicles : Proper care is not enough, nutrition also plays a major role. If the blood has a pH value of 7.4 and is thus slightly alkaline, this forms the perfect basis for healthy growing scalp hair. An alkaline diet ensures a balanced acid-base balance and is comparatively easy to put together with a table listing alkaline foods. Base-forming vegetables include, for example, arugula, potatoes or cucumbers. Good acid-forming foods, on the other hand, include whole grain products, oatmeal and hazelnuts. 

Take vital nutrients : Unfortunately, taking in the optimal amount of minerals etc. through diet alone is often easier said than done in everyday life. However, in order for the scalp to be strong and healthy, it needs sufficient minerals such as calcium, magnesium, vitamins B and E.

Trace elements such as zinc, iodine and iron are equally important. If in doubt, you can take help here with nutritional supplements. Cures with biotin or sillicium are also uncomplicated but effective. Keep in mind that the effect only appears after a few weeks. No hair miracle happens overnight!

More exercise, less stress : More exercise, more hair: This formula does not work in every case without exception, but it is a good approach. After all, regular exercise reduces stress and counteracts hyperacidity in the body. This benefits the scalp and its hair follicles, which in turn ultimately makes the head of hair happy.

In addition to sports, by the way, nourishing oils such as lavender or thyme also reduce stress. This already works by gently rubbing a few drops of the fragrant oil into the scalp every evening to soothe it. 

Take enough rest : Another natural remedy to regrow hair is to make sure you’re getting enough rest. If you’re a work-aholic and can’t seem to find enough time to relax and let your hair breathe, you’re going to have problems. You need to allow your body to recuperate from the stress of work. Get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water to help your body get rid of toxins. Doing these four things will help you with your hair quickly and safely.

Final Thought

Don’t give up hope because there are more natural ways to stop hair loss than just these four. There are lots of herbs and vitamins that have been proven to stop hair loss and even reverse it if you stick with it. The trick is knowing which ones work for you and how they do it. Take the time to learn about them and use them as a guide to finding the right treatment plan for your unique situation.

This really helps against hair loss 

To fight hair loss effectively and with natural means, you need three things above all:

1.) The right diet

2.) Sport and more movement in everyday life

3.) Patience and perseverance

Unfortunately, you can’t get the perfect, full mane by eating one healthy meal a week and taking a few walks. But if you switch to a healthy, alkaline diet over a longer period of time, exercise regularly and use gentle, natural care, you will definitely see results after a few weeks.

You don’t have to live with hair loss. You deserve to have beautiful hair so learn how to stop hair loss today by exploring all of the natural ways to regrow hair. You don’t have to spend a fortune on hair loss products either. Just take the time to learn about some of the best natural ingredients and you’ll be well on your way to growing back your hair in no time. 

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